Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology (English Edition) Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology (English Edition)
Current issue
01 September 2017
Vol. 67. Num. 5.
Pages 443-554

In 1951, the Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia (Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology) was established as the official publication of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology.The journal was internationally acknowledged in the editorial entitled A New Journal is Born by Howard Dittrick, editor in chief of the Current Researches in Anesthesia and Analgesia [1951 Sept-Oct; 5 (30)].

The Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia has been devoted to publishing original scientific manuscripts on Anesthesiology and/or correlated areas by national and international researchers. Its target audience comprises anesthesiologists who are members of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology and other physicians with interest in the area. The journal promotes the progress, improvement, and disclosure of anesthesiology, intensive care, treatment of pain, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
From 1951 to 1969, the Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia was published every three months. Since 1970, it has been published every two months.The Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia has been published in Portuguese and English since January 2001, and in Spanish since 2005, electronically. The abbreviation of its title is Rev. Bras. Anestesiol., which should be used in bibliographies, foot notes, bibliographic references and legends.

The articles published in the Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia are indexed or abstracted in: MEDLINE, Index Medicus Latino-americano, Excerpta Médica database-EMBASE, Science Direct

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Vol. 67. Num. 5. 01 September 2017 Pages 443-554
Scientific Articles
Comparison of different stylets used for intubation with the C-MAC D-Blade® Videolaryngoscope: a randomized controlled study
Dilek Ömür, Başak Bayram, Şule Özbilgin, Volkan Hancı, Bahar Kuvaki
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:450-6
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Epidemiological profile of patients seen in the pre-anesthetic assessment clinic of a university hospital
Monica Loureiro Santos, Cristiane de Oliveira Novaes, Antonio Carlos Iglesias
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:457-67
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A comparison of three different needles used for spinal anesthesia in terms of squamous epithelial cell transport risk
Ünal Kantekin Çiğdem, Şahin Sevinç, Bolat Esef, Öztürk Süreyya, Gencer Muzaffer, Demirel Akif
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:468-71
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Anesthetic requirements measured by bilateral bispectral analysis and femoral blockade in total knee arthroplasty
Maylin Koo, Javier Bocos, Antoni Sabaté, Vinyet López, Carmina Ribes
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:472-9
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Ultrasound-guided versus surgical transversus abdominis plane block in obese patients following cesarean section: a prospective randomised study
Aykut Urfalıoğlu, Murat Bakacak, Ömer Faruk Boran, Fatih Mehmet Yazar, Mahmut Arslan, Hafize Öksüz
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:480-6
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Post-operative pain after ultrasound transversus abdominis plane block versus trocar site infiltration in laparoscopic nephrectomy: a prospective study
Ana M. Araújo, Joana Guimarães, Catarina S. Nunes, Paula S. Couto, Eduarda Amadeu
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:487-92
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YouTube as an information source of spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia and combined spinal and epidural anesthesia
Serkan Tulgar, Onur Selvi, Talat Ercan Serifsoy, Ozgur Senturk, Zeliha Ozer
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:493-9
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Anesthesia recovery comparison between remifentanil-propofol and remifentanil-desflurane guided by Bispectral Index® monitoring
Raphael Grossi Rocha, Eduardo Giarola Almeida, Lara Moreira Mendes Carneiro, Natália Farias de Almeida, Walkíria Wingester Vilas Boas, Renato Santiago Gomez
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:500-7
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Postoperative excessive blood loss after cardiac surgery can be predicted with International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis scoring system
Yoon Ji Choi, Seung Zhoo Yoon, Beom Joon Joo, Jung Man Lee, Yun-Seok Jeon, Young Jin Lim, Jong Hwan Lee, Hyuk Ahn
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:508-15
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Comparison of waste anesthetic gases in operating rooms with or without an scavenging system in a Brazilian University Hospital
Leandro Gobbo Braz, José Reinaldo Cerqueira Braz, Guilherme Aparecido Silva Cavalcante, Kátina Meneghetti Souza, Lorena Mendes de Carvalho Lucio, Mariana Gobbo Braz
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:516-20
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Special Article
Comparison of three different insertion techniques with LMA-Unique™ in adults: results of a randomized trial
Merih Eglen, Bahar Kuvaki, Ferim Günenç, Sule Ozbilgin, Semih Küçükgüçlü, Ebru Polat, Emel Pekel
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:521-6
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Burns related to electrosurgery – Report of two cases
Flora Margarida Barra Bisinotto, Roberto Alexandre Dezena, Laura Bisinotto Martins, Marina Cordeiro Galvão, José Martins Sobrinho, Maida Silva Calçado
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:527-34
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Clinical Information
Hypotension and bradycardia before spinal anesthesia
Carlos Javier Shiraishi Zapata
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:535-7
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Anesthetic considerations for a patient with hereditary angioedema – A clinical case
Maria J.L. Vilaça, Filipa M. Coelho, Ana Faísco, Cristina Carmona
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:541-3
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Cardiac arrest after epidural anesthesia for a esthetic plastic surgery: a case report
Larissa Cardoso Pinheiro, Bruno Mendes Carmona, Mário de Nazareth Chaves Fascio, Iris Santos de Souza, Rui Antonio Aquino de Azevedo, Fabiano Timbó Barbosa
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:544-7
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Sudden motor and sensorial loss due to retroperitoneal hematoma during postoperative periods: a case report
Pelin Şen, Havva Gül Gültekin, İsmail Caymaz, Ömer Özel, Ayda Türköz
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:548-51
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Letters to the Editor
Is there still an indication for the use of succinylcholine in cesarean section? The answer is no
Ricardo Vieira Carlos, Marcelo Luis Abramides Torres, Hans Donald de Boer
Rev Bras Anestesiol 2017;67:552-3
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